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            Michael H. Levin: Poems and Prose  


"Weaves a resonant fugue."

-- William A. Nitze

Independent Energy Investor; former Assistant Administrator, US EPA

"Rarely have intelligence and musicality entwined to create such meticulous poetry. . . . brings us back each time to more of what we didn’t know we needed, until we found it here."

-- Donald Illich

Author, Chance Bodies (Word Works, 2018); President, The Federal Poets

"Levin is one of the world’s most accomplished creators of environmental laws that work. There his media are science, economics, law and politics. Here his poetry flows gently and captures life’s subtleties."

-- Bill Drayton

CEO, Ashoka; former Assistant Administrator, US EPA (1977-80)

"Links geography and topography to journeys of the body, mind, and spirit . . .These poems connect the reader to the great epics of journeying, wandering, and return."

-- Michael Broder

Editor, What Rough Beast; Publisher, Indolent Books

"Amazing, and evocative, and startling, and wonderful . . . . I will go back to this collection again and again."

-- Leslie Ritts

Counsel, National Environmental Development Association

"I thought I'd read one or two . . .But I found myself going from poem to poem, effortlessly floating on the words. What a wonderful book."

-- Terry Braunstein

Internationally-recognized multimedia and book artist

"These . . . 30 poems weave a rich tapestry with varied captivating threads . . .I was struck by the powerful last lines of "Cloaked Lamps": “Do not abide, / she’d say, though fearful of the cost: / uncloak the Lady’s lamp. / Stride forth. Persist.”

-- Sally Zakariya,

Editor, But Does It Rhyme: Poets on Poetry